Zhejiang Check Travel Luggage Situation: Batch Failure Rate Of 25%

- Oct 13, 2017 -

With the increasing travel personnel, travel bags  industry development speed, the quality of luggage has become a hot topic of  concern to consumers, Zhejiang recently checked the details of the details of  the travel luggage as follows.
China's luggage industry in the world occupy a  prominent position, not just the global manufacturing center, it is the world's  largest consumer market. Travel bags as  an important part of the luggage market, accounting for about 40% of the global  baggage market.
Recently, the  Zhejiang Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau organized the province's travel  luggage product supervision and spot checks, check the Ningbo, Jiaxing, Huzhou,  Jinhua, Taizhou 5 regions 8 business 8 batches of travel luggage products,  unqualified 2 batches, The second pass  rate is 25%. Product failure items are  mainly focused on the impact of oscillation and other projects.

Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau reminded  consumers in the purchase of travel bags, should be based on individual needs to  buy the appropriate specifications, fabric products. Hard box appearance of fashion, mostly with high  temperature, wear, anti-impact, waterproof, compression characteristics.  The use of soft box space is larger, and most  of the light weight, toughness, the appearance of fine, more suitable for short  trips.

In addition, check the  label, logo and standard this step is also essential. A qualified label should contain information such as  product name, trademark, model size, fabric and lining material, inspection  mark, product implementation standard, contact telephone, maintenance and  maintenance instructions. Some products  will be hanging on the box standard, consumers can observe the standard sample  of the box fabric has a general understanding and understanding.

Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau also reminded  consumers to check the surface of the box should be smooth, no scars, smooth  edges and corners are not rough, with appropriate color, suture neat, uniform  length of the pin, no thread exposed, the fabric is flawless , No bubbling, no bare burr, metal parts without  corrosion and so on.
When you  look at the lever, you can repeatedly stretch the lever dozens of times, feel  the rod should be smooth, the bar lock can be normal switch, you can also tilt  the rod to 45 °, gently press the rod, feel the strength of the  rod.
When you look at the box to  take the wheel, you can put the box upside down, the wheels leave the ground,  hand toss the wheels, make it empty, the wheels turn to be flexible, wheel and  axle with the tight is not loose, the box should choose the rubber  material, Noise and wear resistance,  take the wheel should be preferred with a bearing, this wheel can reduce the  rubber wheel and the central axis of the friction, to prevent the heat caused by  the wheel deformation.

Domestic luggage enterprises to actively integrate  resources to product quality as the basis, through effective management tools,  luggage design, manufacturing and international trends combined to produce  high-quality, unique products.

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