The United States Ruled That China's Imports Of Aluminum Foil Products Exist Subsidies

- Sep 26, 2017 -

The  United States International Trade Commission announced on the 21st, ruled that  imports of aluminum products from China there are subsidies. According  to the US program, the US Department of Commerce will be in June and August this  year to make countervailing and anti-sales investigation of these products  preliminary.
The US  International Trade Commission issued a statement that day, the Commission found  that there are signs that imports of aluminum products from China there are  subsidies to the United States related industries caused substantial damage.  Accordingly,  the US Department of Commerce will continue to China's exports to the United  States of these products for anti-dumping and countervailing  investigations.
March 28 this  year, in response to the American Aluminum Association Trade Law Enforcement  Working Group filed a complaint, the US Department of Commerce announced that  China's imports of aluminum foil products to "double reverse" investigation.  More than 230  Chinese companies involved, which is expected to dump the margin of 38.4% to  140.21%.
According  to the US International Trade Commission, the US Department of Commerce will  make a countervailing investigation preliminary ruling on June 2 and make a  preliminary ruling on anti-dumping investigations around August  16.
US Department  of Commerce data show that the United States last year from China imported  aluminum foil products amounted to about 389 million US  dollars.
For  the trade frictions between China and the United States, the Chinese Ministry of  Commerce has repeatedly expressed the hope that the US government will abide by  the anti-trade protectionist commitments and jointly safeguard the free, open  and impartial international trade environment and handle trade frictions in a  more rational way.

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