Smart Luggage 1.0 Era See The Transformation Of Luggage Brought By Mobile Internet

- Aug 25, 2018 -

In the era of mobile internet, “smart” is transforming various areas of daily life in a step-by-step manner: smart security, smart home, smart bicycles, smart scales, smart watches... Now, the wave of smart travel bags is also coming.

In the past, traditional luggage has been constantly emphasizing its “durable and durable” characteristics, and its design is similar, with no special features. Now, the "smart" application model of mobile internet has begun to enter the field of travel luggage and has initiated a functional change in luggage.

The first to ignite the smart bag is a suitcase Bluesmart on the indiegogo crowdfunding. The user can lock and unlock the box at any time on the mobile APP; if it is separated from the box by a certain distance, the box is automatically locked and reminded to the mobile phone; the automatic positioning function allows the user to grasp the position of the box at any time; the built-in digital scale is convenient for the user. Check if the baggage is overweight at any time; the built-in lithium battery can charge both electronic devices at the same time. This product attracted the attention of many netizens after exposure, and finally got more than 2 million US dollars of crowdfunding funds, far exceeding the target amount of 2731%.

Another smart luggage Trunkster similar to Bluesmart has also achieved good results on kickstarter. The zipless design, GPS positioning, removable charging power supply, and built-in electronic scales that display numbers directly on the box still win the favor of many consumers, earning $1.39 million in crowdfunding.

Of course, in the tide of this smart bag, the traditional luggage brand is not willing to fall behind. It is reported that Samsonite will introduce a new luggage production line GeoTrakR and a built-in cellular baggage tracking system provided by LugLoc. Andiamo, another well-known American luggage manufacturer, will also introduce a smart suitcase with Wi-Fi hotspots, rechargeable batteries and other features.

In addition, telecom operators and airlines have joined forces in this smart luggage campaign. German baggage manufacturer Rimowa teamed up with Airbus and Deutsche Telekom to launch the smart luggage Bag2Go. Through the sensor, the user can keep track of the position of the baggage in the Airbus aircraft warehouse. This suitcase will be available next year. AT&T, the US telecommunications giant, is also developing smart bags that can be used for location tracking. Samples of this bag have video on YouTube.

In addition to the overall smart bag production design, some companies have launched a small independent device positioning payment service, users can directly place the device in the original traditional suitcase, you can track the baggage location. For example, LugLoc provides a positioning device with Bluetooth and GSM network, and the user can send a positioning request on the mobile APP to check the baggage location. Trakdot is very similar to LugLoc, using the GSM network device to "talk" to the baggage and mobile app. Of course, these devices are automatically turned off during take-off and landing, and the aircraft automatically turns on when it returns to the ground.

It can be seen that in this wave of intelligence, most of the smart luggage is designed to solve the problems that users often encounter during travel: baggage loss, baggage positioning, overweight, electronic device charging, etc. Of course, when bluesmart detonated indiegogo, the batch of smart bags that appeared later was only used as a "follower." In addition to being more functionally optimized and lighter and more durable, the basic imagination does not jump out of the imagination space described by bluesmart, and there is no more subversive, more intelligent travel luggage products. Therefore, the smarter upgrade of smart luggage may require more breakthroughs and explorations in technology.

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