Russia prohibits the production of female lace underwear. Said it is harmful to health

- Oct 13, 2017 -

According to the  Russian "Communist Youth League Pravda" website reported on February 17, the  Russian Customs Union announced the ban on women's lace lace underwear, this  looks very funny ban, including the various types of women's underwear  production, import and sales of complete ban.
In the  customs union, the production, import and sale of lace underwear and its  materials are prohibited, and the trade arm of the Eurasian Economic Commission,  Valery, has recently announced.
"All  the requirements are not new, because the relevant provisions have been there  for a long time.Our staff have reached a consensus on this issue, and  journalists just let this decision seems to be new out." Society and Tassi quoted the officer as  saying.

According to media reports, the Russian Ministry of  Industry is trying to overthrow the ban on women's lace underwear, which  contains the customs union of this regulation.
The reason for this ban is because the customs union  members believe that lace underwear harm the health of women because of the  production of their materials. In  accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, polyamide, nylon and  polyester in the production of women's clothing is prohibited items.  Because these textiles are accused of  hygroscopicity (which can absorb moisture) is not specified, the material can  only absorb about 3-3.6% of the water, and requires 6%. While other product categories do not meet this ban,  such as bra and panties, etc., can still be sold.

Businessmen said that taking natural fabrics will  make the underwear products more expensive, and more attractive and  practical.

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