Mothers Desperately Need A Customized Version Of The ''Mummy Bag''

- Jun 12, 2017 -

Take the baby out, mothers are sure to have the same feeling, how to take so many things ah! In addition to the wallet, keys, mobile phone, the baby will use (may be used) a large number of things: milk bottles, milk powder distributor, water cups, snacks, paper towels, wipes, diapers, spare clothing, toys and so on. At this time, ordinary handbags or backpacks are difficult to meet the requirements of mothers. A lot of moms have had this experience! When the baby cries for toys, we are stuffed in the bag filled with hard to turn ah, can not find, because there is no guarantee bottle, water Cup upright, accidentally make bags everywhere are and so on.
At this time, mothers desperately need a custom version of the "Mummy bag."
First, it's huge, and it's easy to load everything that babies and moms need. At the same time, it must be easy to use, even if filled with a lot of things, mothers can quickly find what they want, which requires that the internal design of the package must be reasonable, such as carefully designed a variety of internal bags, so that each item has its own space.
Second, even if used for a long time, it should be very comfortable. So many things, the mother took a long time or carry very easy to feel tired, so the use of comfort is definitely an important evaluation criteria.
Third, its quality must be a lever! To withstand the daily, frequent use of the Mummy bag is the high-quality qualified mummy bag! Thrifty's moms don't want to waste their money here!
Four, it should be stylish. Although, the mother will be practical in the first place, but can not completely give up the pursuit of beauty.

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