LV, GUCCI And Other Luxury Brand Bags Are Not Durable

- Dec 28, 2017 -

Beijing Municipal Bureau of Industry released the circulation of bags of goods quality sampling results publicity. In the recent circulation of goods quality sampling work, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce on the Beijing market bags of goods for quality sampling. The sampling found LOUIS VUITTON, GUCCI, VALENTINO, MICHAEL KOPS and other luxury brands, including some luggage quality does not meet the standard requirements, the main issues involved in the impact of vibration performance projects do not meet the relevant standards.

Beijing Bureau of Industry and Commerce has failed to sellers of goods based on "Product Quality Law," the relevant provisions of the case investigation. Publicity of substandard goods manufacturing enterprises and relevant distribution units should take the initiative to take measures in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, the shelves of substandard goods, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

In the future, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce will continue to strengthen supervision over the quality of commodities in the circulation field, give full play to the role of product quality sampling in the circulation field and mandatory withdrawal mechanism for unqualified products, and purify the consumption environment in the capital market.

Consumer tips

1. logo

Travel luggage standards, material name, composition and product materials used in line with the above 90% of the surface layer of the first layer of leather (except the first layer of leather transfer film), allowing the label "leather"; transfer film leather, split leather material should be Note Ming "transfer film", "split" message; using a variety of ingredients made of composite materials, including leather substrate thickness of not more than 60% of the total thickness, can not be marked "leather."

2. Oscillation impact performance

Travel bags: Oscillating impact test under the standard load conditions, respectively, check the strap, handle, side to mention the handle and other components, after the test test, the components of the goods are not deformed, no fracture, damage, not open line; No loosening of the box; no deforming of the box body; no cracking of the box body; the pull rod is pulled smoothly, no deformation, no looseness, no jamming, no detachment, no cracking and looseness of the connecting rod and the box body;


Travel luggage standards, product labels should include: product name, product standards, specifications (model), item number, the main material (fabrics, lining) and so on. Tagged incorrect, consumers will cause misunderstanding.

4 purchase tips

Buy luggage leather goods to be purchased formal channels, the purchase of goods to carefully check whether there is a clear, durable logo, manufacturer name and address and other information is complete. In addition to this, save as much of the voucher as possible about the product for a period of time after the purchase, not only to guide product maintenance but also to act as an important merit in the case of quality disputes.

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