Why Leather Printing Machine So By The Luggage Industry Favorite

- Oct 16, 2017 -

Leather printing machine in the leather industry is developing rapidly, in order to achieve a variety of color on the leather requirements, UV flatbed inkjet machine is also an essential device.What is the leather printing machine, why leather printing machine in the leather industry so hot? This is especially true for the glass industry, such as art glass, stained glass, pictorial glass industry, the product features are: high precision, strong resistance to solid, green ink.

Leather printing machine Brief introduction:

1. Leather printing machine to do when the product without plate, without a film, finished product scrap rate is low, save labor and save time, image production high-definition, easy to operate.
2.Printing machine adopts Epson new imported original nozzle, imported belt, servo motor, linear guide. It is characterized by printing colorful, high precision, print does not walk, do not shift, low maintenance costs.
Leather printing machine to change the limitations of the printing industry, to achieve a printing imaging, no plate and a film, to create personalized leather printing store. After you no longer for a small order because of the high price and lost a customer.

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