France Promax Launched The First 3D Print Fashion Backpack

- Oct 16, 2017 -

Leading the fashion trend of the French boutique Chanel last year in Paris advanced custom clothing show first published using the latest 3D printing technology set high clothing, deeply affect the global fashion trends. This trend is also the trend of menacing spread to the major trend of the brand, several well-known brands such as Nike, Adidas and New Balance are published 3D series products. Recently, another French fashion bag brand promax also first published the world's unique 3D printing MODE sailing bag.

France promax is the world's first Office Fashion bag brand R & D success will be 3D printing technology into a backpack into the brand to promax classic models MODE sailing bag as a model, its global patent patent flip design and 3D printing technology perfect combination , Creating a unique fashion business backpack, meet the work and leisure with all the needs of the use of fashion style and comfort to do the most perfect combination to meet all the white-collar workers in the life of all occasions wear demand.

promax 3D print bag inspiration from the "Traffic City" city busy network design for the body of the body structure of the bag has been extended to the bottom of the bag, 3D part of the overall shape without any bonding line, texture, but light and lightweight but durable, clever Will be the perfect combination of urban lifestyle and fashion technology. Baoshen special selection of a unique reflective fabric, when the sunshine in the daytime is low-key calm dark gray, into the flashing night will show a rainbow-like gorgeous fluorescent color, and even provide the safety of outdoor use at night, over all backpack Brand, a fashion leader in the trend of the first pioneer.

France promax MODE sailing bag again and again this spring and summer with innovative design shock fashion circle. promax brand like a fashion creative experimental field, and constantly to innovative research and development technology and rich fashion concept stunning global to sailing as a protagonist to extend the appearance of more design, continue to introduce new. promax 3D printing technology to achieve "combined with technology, so that fashion to keep young" undefeated, but also once again proved promax "WORK SMART" is the king of the brand spirit.

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