Entering The Fair Promotes Nanjing's Foreign Trade Energy Level

- Nov 13, 2018 -

In November 10th, the 2018 China International Import fair was successfully concluded in Shanghai. In this grand gathering, Nanjing harvested a lot. In addition to the full shopping cart, it expanded the overseas "circle of friends" and integrated into the global industrial chain and value chain to achieve complementary advantages, thus paving the way for embracing a new round of open opportunities.
Taking the Expo as an opportunity, Nanjing will promote the upgrading of traditional industries, continuously increase the supply of high-quality goods and services, and promote the upgrading of consumption and the construction of an international consumer center city. At the same time, we should better undertake the "spillover effect", accelerate the coordinated development of integration with Shanghai and other cities in the Yangtze River Delta, and enhance the "energy level" of foreign trade development in our city.
Entering the Expo will broaden the horizons of Ningxia enterprises. They are brewing to introduce advanced technology, standards and management experience, which will force enterprises to reduce costs, improve technology and innovate technology, and promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry.
Facing the opportunity of the Expo, Nanjing regards it not only as a procurement fair, but also as an important opportunity for attracting investment. Before departure, the Nanjing Trading Group sorted out 183 top 500 companies and leading exhibitors in the world, and conducted division of labor and docking according to the leading industrial direction of each district (development zone).
The operating cost of foreign trade enterprises is also expected to be further reduced. Our city will innovate the ways of supporting import financing insurance, such as innovating the mode of import tariff guarantee, reducing the institutional cost of enterprises'import links, exploring the business of import tariff financing and innovating the mode of import financing, etc.

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