Compared With The Export, Luggage, Clothing, Footwear Imports Are Not Large

- Oct 24, 2017 -

In order to enrich the domestic consumers to choose shopping, to meet the needs of domestic consumer upgrades, from January 1, 2016, China will import and export tariffs will be part of the adjustment, moderate expansion of daily consumer goods tax scope.

The notice shows that the import tariffs to reduce the import tariff rate is relatively high, the import demand elasticity of the larger luggage, clothing, scarves, blankets, vacuum insulation Cup, sunglasses and other goods import tariffs.

 Statistics from the General Administration of Customs point of view, compared with exports, bags, clothing, footwear imports are not large. The first 11 months of this year, luggage and similar containers total exports of 157.78 billion yuan, clothing and clothing accessories exports 973.19 billion yuan, 617.33 billion yuan of textiles, footwear 298.8 billion yuan. Luggage, clothing, etc. are not imported in the national key value of the table, only the cumulative imports of textiles 1080.6 billion yuan.

"It is a good thing for domestic consumers to buy cheaper foreign goods at the same time, and it is also beneficial for cross-border electricity providers who regulate taxes." After the tariffs are reduced, the corresponding VAT will be reduced, The cost of goods included in the tax will be reduced, "but for the same kind of domestic manufacturers of domestic pressure will be greater.From the substitution effect, the import goods cheap, part of the purchase of domestic goods consumers will turn to imported goods. The manufacturer either makes the product better to attract the consumer or adjust it in terms of pricing. "

 June this year diaper, import tariffs fell to 2%

From June 1 onwards, the import duties of suits and fur garments decreased from 14% to 23% to 7% to 10%, and the import duties of short boots and sports shoes were reduced from 22% to 24% to 12% Diaper import tariffs from 7.5% to 2%, skin care import tariffs from 5% to 2%.

However, the industry said, "from the current point of view, skin care tariffs cut when the enterprise symbolic price cuts, but the clothing luggage business has not action.

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