Cabas Handbags

- May 07, 2018 -

1 Brand Information Editing

Cabas is Louis Vuitton's Li Nippon handbags, unique LV features, with a dazzling and gentle temperament Damier Azur canvas production, creating a relaxed and pleasant urban fashion, shiny golden brass accessories perfect to create a sense of luxury.

Size: W30 x H28 x D19 cm

2 Structure and material editing

- Natural leather

- Spring buckle closure, engraved with Louis Vuitton brand logo

- Snap button design makes adjustment easy

- Large zipper inner pocket

- Soft fabric lining

- Shiny golden brass fittings

3 Maintenance Edit

1. Avoid prolonged contact with any objects (such as magazines, other leathers, etc.) that may fade pigments onto the paint.

2. Please keep your product in a sealed bag that comes with the product.

3, handbags must be kept cool, avoid contact with direct heat (radiator, summer to avoid leaving handbags in the compartment).

4, to avoid the sun, so as not to fade the paint skin.

5, products should be far away from oily substances and cosmetics, because they are penetrating paint leather.

6, there will be some small black lines on the bottom of the lacquer, which is produced during the production process, and will not affect the quality of the product.

7. For cleaning, wipe with a soft dry cloth.

8, do not use soap or solvent.

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