Bags Production Of Raw Materials Processing Of Sewage Affect The Environment Is Serious

- Oct 13, 2017 -

Leather is an important product of luggage products,  luggage production in the leather demand can not imagine, especially in some  handbags, wallet production is inseparable from the leather. The main raw material for leather production is  leather, China is a very special country, the environment has been bad in  various countries. China's cow  production environment is not only poor, breeding cattle environment is  relatively poor. These cattle are mainly  cultivated land and beef cattle. Because  it is not specifically designed for the production of leather processing of  leather cattle, skin blanks to achieve the quality of high-end leather  production standards, it will lead to some high-end leather luggage brand in the  choice of leather often imported some foreign raw materials. Sources of these raw materials are: New Zealand, the  United States, Brazil, Australia, Italy.

As we all know, foreign government farmers are often  subsidized by the state, and now the West is facing a gradual economic  recession, the government subsidies for farmers gradually reduced, the  production of leather farmers can not support the scale and cost, the formation  of large-scale Cut production and  conversion, * eventually lead to skin billet prices all the way soaring, while  the supply also caused a serious impact. The decline of the Western economy on the entire  leather bag production industry a great impact, the import price of skin blanks,  the price of luggage will certainly be affected. With this storm swept from the new leather products  "batik skin", this kind of leather has a unique attribute, was dubbed the life  of leather. At the same time people for  the pursuit of such leather is also very obsessed. From the characteristics of this kind of leather to  understand, the batik in the production process with the backlog of external  forces, temperature, friction and so on the extent of this kind of leather each  piece has a color, and finally form a unique style.

Leather processing production process will produce  strong alkaline leather sewage. The  random discharge of such sewage will cause serious environmental pollution; as  this situation has been found in early China, and Shijiazhuang, Tianjin,  Guangdong, Hebei, Zhejiang and other provinces and cities have been severely  controlled. Leather, if not decomposed,  is not allowed to discharge, deformation of the leather to stimulate the  production and processing system of processing and technology  development. But the price of such  processing system is more expensive, some small leather suitcase production  enterprises in Iraq is a very big pressure, so there are some small businesses  secretly discharge of sewage; the future of China will increase efforts for  leather waste control, promote China Luggage leather market benign development, reduce the  pollution of the environment.

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