About Ice Bags

- Dec 28, 2017-

The summer trip, ultimately, ice bags, the following describes the role of ice bags, features and uses.

The role of ice bag:

Ice bag is a package with a constant temperature effect, both cold and heat (with the role of cool in winter and cool in summer), insulation products for thick insulation cotton, providing good insulation effect; product can be folded, easy carry.

Ice bag features:

Construction: Lunch ice pack is an improved mini version of ice pack. Compared with the traditional ice pack, it has smaller capacity and is usually equipped with independent insulated food compartment and compression system to store food without being squeezed.

Fabric: The use of nylon cloth or Oxford cloth, strong wear-resistant; configuration waterproof rubber bottom, with mat at the bottom.

Inside: food compartment inside with aluminum foil material, both through the PE cotton insulation both insulation and thermal insulation. Environmental safety, direct contact with food.

Function: Seamless hot melt adhesive technology, heat a long time.

Ice bag use:

1, the heat is generally used for thermal insulation food. Lunch, restaurant delivery and more.

2, Paul cold generally known as ice pack, can be used as a mobile refrigerator, for iced drinks, fruits, tea, breast milk, seafood and other food preservation; also be used for vaccines, medicines and other products refrigerated transport.

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