Analysis Of The Present Situation Of Chinese Luggage Industry

- Jun 12, 2017 -

China's luggage production has accounted for more than 70% of the world's share in the world has been the dominant position. As the world's largest manufacturer of luggage, China has more than 20,000 bags manufacturing enterprises, producing nearly one-third of the world's bags, its market share is enormous.

In recent years, with the rapid development of luggage industry, the number of Chinese luggage companies are also increasing, the current mainly concentrated in the coastal Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Shandong, Shanghai, Jiangsu, and inland Hebei, Hunan eight provinces.

China's luggage industry is facing unprecedented challenges. Under the impact of the shortage of labor force, the rise of raw material price, the appreciation of RMB and the quickening pace of industrial transfer, the internal and external sales of luggage industry increase, while the survival and Development of luggage exhibition industry is also in an awkward position.

Luggage products in China and Europe and the United States luggage products in the quality of a far cry. The low-end market of China's luggage, scattered in a variety of small commodities wholesale city, stall, 80% of the package for the smaller factories, small workshops do low-grade products, because of lack of funds, many enterprises hardware production facilities and software research and development personnel relatively weak, made of the package without brand, poor quality, no design, no personality, no guarantee, some also use a large number of poisonous raw materials, can not meet urban people's pursuit of quality of life, especially for many years, domestic luggage enterprises mostly export-oriented, many enterprises in the financial crisis after the domestic sales, No brand, no team, no channels, in the design of innovation, Independent brands, marketing network and other aspects of the obvious inferior to foreign major, leading to the industry is vulnerable to external environmental fluctuations, its ability to resist risk, profitability is relatively weak.

International big brand luggage products have entered the Chinese market, the domestic luggage products have a serious impact. At the top of the "pyramid" of the domestic luggage market, it is an international top brand such as LV, the price profit is high, the market share gradually expands, while the domestic brand more concentrates in the price and the channel shallow stratification level, the market share is big but the profit extremely low, only can win by the quantity, the middle end is a few high-grade brand, but lacks the individuality and the appeal, cannot have the deep emotion resonance with

In addition, with the continuous improvement of international inspection standards, countries through a variety of means to continuously restrict the import of goods, in order to adapt to international standards, speed up the development of new technologies, rely on technological progress to adjust the structure of exports, promote product upgrades, to promote the product structure to High-tech products and high value-added products, has become the problem of luggage manufacturers have to pay China's luggage enterprises should actively integrate resources, based on product quality, through effective management means, the luggage design, manufacturing and international trends, the production of high-quality, unique characteristics of the product, with the momentum of economic recovery, export at the same time, to continue to consolidate the "internal and external repair" sales strategy, to win a place in the global market.

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