Look At The Bag From A Historical Perspective

- Jun 12, 2017-

From classic to modern, no one does not become a woman's heart love. Interestingly, the rise of the ornaments is closely related to the evolution of clothing. Since the end of 18th century, when a wave-shaped skirt with belt has been replaced by a slim dress, women have been looking for bags to load personal belongings. The first fish mesh small bag on the ride, this bundle on the long rope of the small bag easy to take in hand, become a veritable "bao". For hundreds of years, fashion accessories trend like fashion, changing constantly, changing. And its status gradually rose to become an integral part of women's dress, such as handbags. Based on different trend culture, different times and different occasions, women's ornaments have evolved into infinite forms.
In the early 19th century, Europe opened its door to the world, and a large travel bag became a necessity for access to Europe. The big Bag is adapted to live.

The rise of cigarettes in the 20th century made small cigarette packs a kind of ornament for ladies to attend a place of communication, and small box-style packages were put into the market. 1929, Hollywood Live star Heat to store foundation, lipstick makeup bag big line, all kinds of cosmetic bags, such as shells, football, door locks, vases and birdcage shape of the package, emerge. But by the time of the two world wars, when supplies were scarce, the ornaments became luxuries, and the ladies ' bags were all made of coarse sails, but the designer had designed a series of shopping bags and bicycle bags.

After the war, there were several famous brands in the packaging industry: one was Cocochanel (cocoa.), the golden chain strap-strap design, became a symbol of taste at that time. LV (Louis Vuitton) bucket-shaped noe, used to carry champagne, was highly praised. Hermes Hightbag, after the Imperial Concubine Gracekelly adopted, the value of 10 times times the rise, instant fame big noise. Gucci is also a natural addition to the war, the introduction of bamboo handle bags and drop-type bag ornaments.

In the 20th century, women were branded by famous brands, and the ornaments became symbols of identity and dignitaries. In the middle of the day, people's lives are flooded with computers. The rise of laptops has made the broad messenger bag and camera bag a favorite for young people. Later, the world of ornaments became much more colourful, with the prevalence of minimalism, the Chinese embroidery craze, the application of animal fur, such as snake skin, leopard skin, crocodile skin, and so on, at this time, the South Korean Saint-Xi-mei package at this time has been greatly developed, to get the enthusiastic support of the fashionable community.

At the beginning of the 20th century, as a fashion representative of the package, became a commonplace popular goods, by the time sweeping Europe, the "Oriental civilization" of the impact of the atmosphere, ornaments become strange. But in that era, fashion was only the "patent" of the rich. Meagre income and heavy work have made the women of the working class and fashion out of the bag.

Until the 20's, the mass media is becoming more and more developed, fashion is no longer the privilege of the upper class, women from all walks of life to join the ranks of the pursuit of fashion. And the ornaments are beginning to show their own characteristics. The beaded bag was ringing with the rhythm of the music, and a beautiful "concerto" was played by the popular jazz music.
The 30's, the space development of Hollywood films, they have a great impact on fashion. Package decorated with a streamlined shape and good cabinets, simple material, simple and elegant.

Full of smoke in the 40 's, packaging design most emphasis on practicality, while the trend of pragmatism is more affected by military design, slung on the shoulder of the bag is very popular, because can be used to install gas masks ration ration of bills and identity cards and other most practical costumes. Although the war years have brought great pain to people, but it has made the package to civilian and simplification, a big step forward.

The end of the war, the economic recovery of the 50 's, because of the shackles of the war era, after the end of the war on sexual desire and competition, women's clothing quickly turned sexy and charming. And the package is decorated with costumes, and no exception to sexy and charming.
In this period, rock and pop music is not only a kind of music form revolution, it has formed a kind of new language which is accepted by the young people across the region and culture. The revolution of youthful, miniskirt and trouser styles was also born with the popularity of rock music. Miniskirts also call for the emergence of new types of ornaments, so a variety of small, long shoulder straps, style concise satchel hanging on the shoulders of young people, make way to envy.

In a sense, the decoration has become a symbol of cultural status and identity in the 70 and 80 of the rapid economic development. New materials and designs are being rolled out, breaking the traditional notion that people "invest in a good package". And with the concept of neo-romanticism and Classical revival in the late 70, some narrow straps, fishing bags and other bags with fresh rustic flavor appeared on the shoulders of people, also reflected in the surging of the economic tide, people demand to escape the city's congestion and clamour.

In the 90's, this fashion was dominated by young people, the avant-garde seems to be synonymous with fashion, and the top of the list is designed to be one of those avant-garde masters who are adept at juggling gimmicks. And "Today is the fashion tomorrow is the past tense," the trend of change, have to happen "the world is changing fast" sense. The ornaments are also affected by the fast-changing trend of the wind, showing a changeable appearance.
The advent of the 2000, the retro tide will continue to prevail, bead bags may become a craze. As a woman of the new century, have you ever thought that the bag around you will be a witness to history after hundreds of years?

In the 20th century, human beings have created too many miracles, and they have left countless valuable treasures for mankind by their ingenuity, initiative and creativity. The wheel of the clock is still flying forward, we should firmly believe that hope is tomorrow, at our feet.

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