2017 Spring And Summer Women's Bag Trend

- Jun 12, 2017 -

Say there is no unhappy thing is a bag can not be solved, really not, just two! are good "color" of the person, with a color bags, hanging all kinds of jewelry, shape concave up! As a fashion essence do not know the future trend of package Oh, first let's look at the spring and summer of 2017 women's bag trends bar.

Mainstream Color

After several consecutive seasons of high color popularity, the 2017 spring and summer colors show a certain trend of rotation. All major brands have a softer posture to apply color. Color reduction, brightness, a series of feminine soft color rise, completely occupy the fashion stage, become the dominant trend of the season.

1. Red Steel

1. Color Evolution: 2016 Spring and summer soft diffuse red, in the 2016/17 winter transition to sweet greasy tomatoes red, eye-catching steel red is 2017 spring and summer of emerging colors, clay red and strong coral red and its phase neutralization.

2. Hawaii Ocean Blue

1. Color Evolution: Blue is the key color of 2016 spring and summer. In the 2016/17 autumn and winter evolved into tannin and tooling wind blue, 2017 spring and Summer blue appears polarized, striking bright blue and Hawaii ocean blue dominate.

Color Highlights

The bright mango yellow, West Africa Litchi color, the British rose is the 17 spring summer embellishment color, this season color full of mango color and the West African Litchi color their appearance has played the condiment function, also satisfies the visual heart and the physiology balance demand. The color of the spring and summer 17 will be changed by the elegant yellow of the 16/17 autumn and winter.

Mango Yellow

2016 spring and summer light yellow in the 2016/17 winter transition to fluorescent yellow gold, 2017 spring and summer into a rich mango yellow, with citrus tones of freshness and the warm tone of the sunset.

West African Litchi Color

This season's orange blend of red hot and tension and yellow gentle soft. In the 2017 spring and summer to become a number of products need to use a small amount of decorative color.

Second, material

Pop animal pattern

The prediction direction of 2017SS material is to explore the close relation between artificial and natural and more imagination of artificial and future. The relationship between human and nature is most obvious in the material of the future sense of the animal texture deconstruction, the modern sense of the fringe of the animal pattern to carry out more possibilities of division, combining the wild modern and the characteristics of the new appearance of the Times. Serpentine is the most important singular texture of the season, with a striking monochrome form and a more psychedelic mosaic of color blocks.

III. Profile

Structure Crossbody

The oblique satchel bag adopts the small proportion, conforms to the small bag's popular tendency, also agrees with its important position in the 2016-2017 autumn and winter conference. It is an important design technique in the future to make more use of the building profile to build a sense of stereoscopic space on the cladding and hijab.

IV. Details

Geometric handle

The different modelling hardware decoration still occupies the important position, the concise atmosphere Package appearance collocation with the chic curved or the square handle adornment has the esthetic and the function.

V. Pattern

Artistic Melody

Although the geometric color block stitching in the bag and leather products is not a novel design, but this season's geometric stitching in the structure to create a three-dimensional, or refreshing. Simple style on the very few stripes bump color embellishment, or the use of different texture material mix, three-dimensional linear structure is the future design direction.

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