Seven Key Points Of Improving Rapid Reaction Ability Of Garment And Luggage Enterprises

- Jun 12, 2017 -

Clothing and luggage brand Enterprise, is a fashion industry, sometimes spell is the time, who first on the new, who's fast, can seize the opportunity to gain more sales opportunities to bring greater profits, while reducing enterprise inventory, let cash flow more adequate. Fast, not just the ability to demand marketing response, the key point also depends on the production supply chain response, if not the time required to deliver, everything is empty talk.

Between the enterprises, who want to be on time to purchase shipments, less accounted for capital. Within the enterprise, the first is the delivery time. What does "no time" cover? For example: Use excess inventory to prevent delays. In the time game, the enterprise both wants to hold the user, does not want to be losing. Time can be taken seriously, often after being denied punishment. The point is, can we get ahead? Can improve the enterprise production supply chain rapid response competitiveness?

As we all know, the competitive advantage of an enterprise is manifold, for example, price advantages, quality advantages, performance advantages, as the market competition intensifies, the delivery requirements for products are more and more high, because the market is changing rapidly, dealers in one months after the product, may be the market situation has changed, this product sales has been, even has become unsalable. For sales, the most hope at any time to order goods, many enterprises in the "customer" is God's idea, in order to meet customer demand, maintain a 1-2 months of material, finished inventory. On the surface although can do at any time to order goods, but because the maintenance of a large number of inventory, a large amount of liquidity, weakened the profitability of the enterprise. On the other hand, whether it is a material or a finished product, a large number of inventory risks, so that the enterprise into difficulties and even failure of the case is not difficult to find. In order to avoid risk, but also to adapt to the changes in the market, a good way is through lean production to shorten the delivery period.

Can we advance and improve our competitiveness? We need to work out a bill first. Personal belongings to pay how much to exchange on time, value is not worth. The essence of the question is: how much potential can be dug? What happens if you don't dig? How do you dig?

How much potential? This problem is relatively simple, and the production performance of a careful measurement analysis can be. What happens if you don't dig?

This is not a simple question! The complexity of time behind the contradictions, the formation of waste, it is indisputable fact.

However, existence is reasonable. The production enterprise gradually formed a set of rules and shallow rules in the actual operation. It can also make waste rationalization while ensuring that products are made. Tapping the potential means building new rationality after the previous step.

In addition, as the elimination of wasteful work continues to deepen, more rules are needed to standardize the operation. For example, in order to ensure quality (time in the production operation also has quality characteristics), it is necessary to stabilize. Stability and variability are opposites, and mutations can lead to defective or unexpected surprises. But for the enterprise's overall goal, also for the simple, only to limit the variation to as small as possible. However, digging does not dig, the key to look at the competitive pressure. To reduce costs and build flexible and rapid response capacity, time control capacity is the foundation. Sugar cane is not sweet at both ends. How do you dig?

It's very practical. No matter how much can be dug? What are the benefits of digging? Will dig the most important.

There are two ways to improve the control capacity of time, one or gradual improvement. From the practical point of view, the gradual improvement is the realistic choice. This can balance the normal production order. To benefit from the work involved in all aspects, it is not as piecemeal as quality improvement. In addition, production is always a problem, the ideal state is the direction of our efforts. The key is how to compromise between goals and actual possibilities. Companies know best what they can do. Just to figure out the whole line of improvement, clear every a times the goal will reach what problems, always know how far we are from the ideal state of the gap.

The way to benefit from improvements. So far, the method of solving the quantity is much more than the time. The problem of time is a dynamic problem, which is difficult to deal with. The most likely problem in technology is in the dynamic. Although some enterprises can control the quality of products, but always do not understand the dynamic problem control ideas, even the change trend has not been remembered. This is also a major obstacle in operational management. To simplify the problem, take this approach: when the work at each stage is over, summarize the problems and reasons to find out and avoid duplication. Generally, in different management steps, the key issues are not many. This will deal with dynamic problems in a static way. We choose to be wise afterwards, not to be wise beforehand, or to be Zhuge Liang. To shorten the production cycle, improve the production of rapid response capacity, we must combine lean production, to achieve: a flow of lean production 100 processes, the total processing time as long as 125 minutes, 1000 products, but from the cutting to the team production to complete the first finished product line, spent 2-3 working days. This situation in the domestic garment and luggage industry is also very common. Such a long "production" process, the enterprise may not count the loss of so many "patience" customers. In lean production, there will be no additional value such as handling, storage, inspection and so on as waste, so the starting point of shortening the production cycle is to eliminate these waste. The ideal approach is to work from the first process one by one to the back of the process, the so-called single piece Flow production. About the single piece flow production, in the implementation process should pay attention to 7 main points:

(1) The single piece Flow "One piece flow" production condition, first is starts by the single piece flow. Single-piece flow is to do one, send one, check one, the raw materials through a processing process to make the finished product. This kind of work looks very simple, actually is not simple, also does not have the certain pattern to follow.

(2) According to the processing order of equipment but to pay attention to, the single piece flow production does not require the workshop all the equipment to connect up, part of the connection is also desirable, even for special processes, such as the need for a variety of products to use equipment, or more expensive special equipment, may not be suitable for the production of only one product production line, but as a common use.

(3) According to the rhythm of the time production is not the more the better, the faster the better, according to the needs of the market often adjust the pace of production. The concern is "how much we need to produce today" rather than "how much we can produce today".

(4) The training of many companies is in the use of the U-shaped production line, but the operator is fixed on a device operation, such a way although the middle inventory can be reduced, but not according to the size of the production adjustment.

(5) The use of small, inexpensive equipment or ancillary tools This is also a lot of domestic clothing and luggage enterprises are puzzled place. Many domestic enterprises have been pursuing large-scale equipment, universal (multi-function) equipment, the result is difficult to manage, inefficient use, or a large number of semi-finished products piled up. Small devices are easy to move and are advantageous in adjusting the layout according to market changes. A company we've been directing, use value of 300,000 yuan a fully automatic large, high-speed automatic open bag equipment, because the speed, the former process assembly can only be provided in large quantities, after the process can only be received in large batches, resulting in intermediate semi-finished inventory up to 1200 pieces, and production cycle of more than three days. We recommend the use of the open Bag template, and in the implementation of a flow of production to the production line, so that intermediate semi-finished products do not have inventory, production cycle only 5 points, significantly shorten the delivery period.

(6) "U" type arrangement if the production equipment is laid out, workers from the first equipment to the last equipment will need to walk a long distance, resulting in serious human waste. Therefore, "single-piece flow" Production requirements will be the production equipment in accordance with the "U" font, from the entrance to the exit to form a complete "U" type, so that a large number of different processes can be reduced due to the transfer between the movement, reduce the time and transport waste, increase production efficiency.

(7) The Standardization of job standardization is to require that every post, each process has a job instructions, and then check whether the staff in accordance with the requirements of the work instructions, so as to force the staff in strict accordance with the established production tempo production. If the job is not standardized, then the time to produce a product will not be controlled, can not control the production of the Beat, but also can not guarantee the formation of "one-piece flow."

Lean production mainly research time and efficiency, pay attention to improve the stability of the system, more than 50 years of lean production success cases have been confirmed: lean production to reduce production time by 90%, lean production to reduce inventory 90%, lean production to increase production efficiency 60%, lean production to reduce market defects 50%, lean production to reduce the scrap rate 50%, lean production to increase the safety index 50%. Therefore, we want to shorten the production cycle, improve the rapid response capacity, first of all to solve the time problem, and can solve the problem of time, the first is to change the production model, promote lean production, innovation production management, can let our production supply chain, more competitive!

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