The Influence Of International Luggage Brand Marching On The Domestic Market

- Jun 12, 2017 -

In the past six months, the export volume of luggage in China has dropped significantly, and there are also problems in domestic market sales. The International big brand luggage product has entered the Chinese market, has produced the serious impact to our country luggage product. In order to meet the market demand, enhance the competitiveness of international brand products, our country's luggage enterprises must speed up the development of new technology, product structure to High-tech products and high value-added products transformation.

In product design and brand building, Chinese luggage companies in Europe and the United States and other countries, always appear to be a little stretched, powerless. As the world's largest exporter of luggage production, China produces one-third of the world's luggage, with more than 20,000 bags of production enterprises, but can be called the sound of the luggage enterprises but few, the lack of large brand enterprises, China's luggage products have not been in the international market to seize more share of the important reason.

At present, there are five major domestic leather wholesale market: Hebei Baigou Leather Market, Zhejiang Yiwu leather goods wholesale market, Liaoning South Taiwan leather Wholesale market, Chengdu Lotus Pond Leather Market, guangzhou Guihua hillock leather Wholesale market, which is the largest and highest grade, is also the world's largest wholesale leather goods market. In addition to the five larger wholesale markets, the rest are basically small wholesale markets, which are too fragmented, with uneven quality, style and price.

Luggage products in China and Europe and the United States, luggage products in the quality of a far cry. Reporter learned that the low-end market of our luggage, they scattered in a variety of small commodities wholesale city, stall. 80% of the package for some small factories, small workshops do low-grade products. Because of lack of funds, many enterprises hardware production facilities and software research and development personnel are relatively weak. The package has no brand, poor quality, no design, no personality, no security, and some also use a large number of toxic raw materials, not only can not decorate the image, and even the health of the human body is harmful, can not meet the urban people's pursuit of quality of life area. In particular, for many years, domestic luggage enterprises mostly export-oriented, many enterprises in the financial crisis after the domestic sales, no brand, no team, no channels, in the design innovation, Independent brands, marketing network, etc. obviously inferior to foreign big name. This led to the industry is more susceptible to external environmental fluctuations, its ability to resist risk, profitability is also relatively weak.

International big brand luggage products have entered the Chinese market, the domestic luggage products have a serious impact. Industry insiders say, now, in the domestic luggage market "pyramid" at the top, such as the international top brands such as LV, price profits are high, market share is also expanding. and domestic brands more concentrated in the price and channel of the shallow level, their market share is very low, only to win. Mid-end is a small number of high-grade brands, but this kind of brand lack of personality and appeal, can not and consumers deep emotional resonance.

In addition, with the continuous improvement of international testing standards, countries through a variety of means to continuously restrict the import of goods. In order to adapt to international standards, to speed up the development of new technology, to adjust the structure of export commodities by technological progress, to promote product upgrading, to promote the transformation of product structure to High-tech products and high value-added products, has become a problem that luggage manufacturers have to pay attention to.

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