The Influence Of Internet On Chinese Luggage Industry

- Jun 12, 2017 -

At present, China's leather goods enterprises more than 5,900, practitioners more than 900,000 people; luggage enterprises have more than 3,700, practitioners more than 600,000 people, can see the market potential of Chinese luggage, there are experts analysis capacity of 14 billion. At the same time, China's luggage exports to ASEAN, North America, African countries, the amount of rapid growth in export profits. At the same time, the domestic market on the price of bags to promote sales, increase the volume of market purchases, business profits increased.

With the National public Entrepreneurship, the innovative slogan of the proposed, traditional luggage enterprises have embraced the Internet, a variety of O2o, business-to-business, business and other types of electrical companies springing up. However, the traditional luggage industry, such as the lack of internet talent, cross-border electronic spare parts, intelligent luggage industry standards have not yet been standardized and so on. Blindly moving forward and ignoring the industry's own shortcomings is not feasible.

For the luggage industry, reference to the hot degree of wearable equipment in recent years, intelligent luggage products is a new development direction of the industry. Imagine that when you travel to visit relatives and friends Pack and pack, the bag records your travel habits, reminding you of the baggage you need. Or to solve some very practical problems, such as climbing difficulties, automatically reduce the difficulty of bags, so that the package into a part of life.

Traditional luggage enterprises should do not expand on the original platform, more is to innovate, for example, learning from logical thinking to introduce smart bags, bags into the intelligent music, since the photo function keys, combined with people's living habits, travel, travel, hiking and other experience to build suitable for their own positioning products, such as the donkey's outdoor sports backpack installation positioning navigation system.

The use of Internet thinking is also to adapt to international standards, speed up the development of new technologies, rely on technological progress to adjust the structure of export commodities, promote product upgrades, to promote the product structure to High-tech products and high value-added products of the transformation of the idea that the development of luggage manufacturing enterprises need to diversify

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