Black Neoprene Lunch Bag

Black Neoprene Lunch Bag

Made from protective neoprene (the wetsuit material). Measures about 11.25 inches wide, 11 tall, and 4.5 deep.

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•    Measures about 11.25 inches wide, 11 tall, and 4.5 deep.

•    Can be stretched wider as needed.

Details & Care
Designed primarily for taking a healthy lunch to work, our good looking Black Insulated Lunch Bag is also ideal for carrying a bento box to school. And yes, it'll match any outfit you wear to work. The versatility of this amazing insulated tote is in the neoprene (the fabric from which wet suits are made). This super fabric insulates, protects, looks good, and is very easy to care and maintain. This lunch bag keeps food cold (or warm) for up to 4 hours, depending on the outside temperature. The flat bottom keeps it upright, perfect for bottles or dishes that you don’t want tipping over. Soft-grip handles make it easy to carry.

•    Made from protective neoprene (the wetsuit material).

•    Great for taking to work and also for school.

•    Ideal carrying bag for a bento box.

•    Zipper closure.

•    Feather weight makes carrying effortless.

•    Machine washable - just throw it in the laundry washer and then drip dry.

•    Neoprene Lunch Bag.

•    Item #66610.


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