Wrist Wallet

- Aug 19, 2017 -

Wallets are fantastic for carrying important things around like keys, a driver’s license or even a credit card. But in some instances though, there’s no good place to carry the traditional wallet. A person may have no pockets, or won’t be carrying a purse in which to place it. This is especially true when people are engaging in athletic activities like biking, jogging or walking. Even if a person has a pocket, a wallet can become an inconvenience as it bounces around and threatens to fall out. One solution is a wrist wallet.

Wrist Wallet is a simple concept. Find a way to attach a wallet to the wrist securely so that it may hold a few things a person needs to have close by. Many of these either slip over the wrist or attach with strong Velcro. They’re visible and accessible, but they don’t tend to get in the way.


Usually, unlike the traditional wallet, the wrist wallet doesn’t tend to hold as much. It might be able to accommodate keys, credit card and identification card/driver’s license, but it can’t hold dozens of credit cards. After all, too much weight on the wrist might add too much bulk and prove uncomfortable or distracting.


One of the principal concerns about a wrist wallet is that it will be secure. Some people worry that they won’t notice if the wallet falls off. A tighter fitting slip type may be a better choice to address this worry, as it can’t come unattached in the middle and would have to fall over the hand. Additional many of the available wallets feature a zipper pocket so items held won’t fall out during activities.


Other people are just more interested in appearance, and here you have many choices. The wrist wallet can be made in a variety of colors and shapes, and in different types of material. A little online or offline shopping can find wallets with many different looks, and people may even be able to add an extra safety feature to wearing the wallet if they get one that is reflective at night.

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