Which cosmetic bag is more popular with girls

- Jun 12, 2017 -

The beauty of the girls have at least 1-2 cosmetic bags, is used to make up all kinds of bags, can accommodate cosmetics and make-up tools. Nice and practical cosmetic bags sometimes cost a fortune, even a large backpack, but it still makes girls flock.

Cosmetic bag According to the function category: A. Professional cosmetic bag, it has the most functions, the largest capacity, more than a variety of specifications can be makeup brush, eyebrow pencil, eyeshadow, lipstick and other neat emissions. Professional makeup artist and the pursuit of exquisite perfect makeup of Meimei will use this cosmetic bag. B. Travel cosmetic bag, mainly lightweight, soft texture is usually easy to carry and placed in the suitcase, its small size but large capacity, can also place daily necessities. C. Household small cosmetic bag, style, color and quality is also uneven, generally buy cosmetics will be given.

Cosmetic bag by material Category: Nylon cosmetic bag, cotton cosmetic bag, PVC cosmetic bag, PU cosmetic bag and so on. General Nylon and cotton cosmetic bag easy to dip in cosmetics, some waterproof cosmetics such as eyeliner and lip gloss is not to be washed out, use to pay attention to, and PU and PVC material cosmetic package surface smooth convenient scrub.

This year's hot several cosmetic bags, beautiful and practical, hurriedly go and see it!

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