What to look for when choosing a lady bag

- Jun 12, 2017 -

For the bag, the female compatriots will never be too much, whether it is a shoulder bag, double shoulder bag, handbag, or rod box, all the various styles are expected to have. Although the package is the clothing of the artifact, but is not a universal, so more than one package is a choice. So what are the issues to be aware of when choosing a lady bag?
I. Odor
Select the Lady bag when you need to pay attention to the smell of this problem, if the feeling package has a very pungent taste, then this bag can almost certainly be relatively poor, because the good package is generally tasteless or a faint fragrance.
II. Hardware
Hardware is also the selection of women's bags need to pay attention to one of the problems, the general quality of good package metal surface gloss is relatively thick and bright, and there is no Burr, the use of more smooth, lubrication.
III. Rubber HEAD
Bag plastic head refers to the leather straps or handbags cut the part of the glue, this part is generally thicker, so the choice of bonding material will choose the import of adhesives, mainly the smell of small, clear-cut color, and more environmentally friendly, so the selection of women bags need to pay attention to the rubber head package.
IV. Modelling
The selection of women's bags need to pay attention to the shape of the package, a good quality of the woman bag empty when carrying is also relatively full, compared to the quality of the women's bag is more three-dimensional.
Wu, Li
The material of the package is the quality of the package directly, so it is necessary to pay attention to the problem of picking up the bag. Generally good bag in the material seems to be quite, touch delicate, thick, and in the material and bag in the same place is more adhere smooth.

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