What's the difference between a bag and a computer bag?

- Jun 12, 2017-

With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people like to use portable computers with convenient as a result, notebook computer bag and inner liner also with more and more people's favorite, but for most consumers, it is not clear what the difference between the bag and the computer, then the following by the love of free bags for everyone to popularize the difference between the bag and the computer bag!
The computer bag, as its name implies, is the package that sets up the laptop. In the market, the more common types of computer bags are shoulders, shoulders and hand-held. Generally speaking, there will be a thick and soft cushion in the computer bag, which is the inner gall bladder, which is mainly designed to prevent the damage of the notebook caused by the accidental vibration or fall.
And compared to the large capacity, variety and convenience of a good computer bag, the inside of the bag is like a computer bag inside the inside of the liner, the production of material is softer, in general can be equipped with a notebook inside the bag in the ordinary backpack, so also can play a shock, waterproof, wear and tear and scratches and other functions, but just use the notebook is best not to pack inside the bag, will affect the heat.

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