What is a Ribbon?

- Aug 17, 2017 -

Ribbon is used in a variety of craft, gift, and home decor projects. Beautiful ribbon material for wrapping and printing.Craft ribbons come in a wide assortment of sizes, styles, and textures. Ribbons are made from various types of woven and non-woven fabric and Polyester and Nylon, creating different finishes.


The crafter can find ribbons in both solid primary colors or a blend of colors. Some ribbons are transparent, while others have a specific design, such as plaids, dots, and animal prints. The texture varies, and the ribbon's finish can be shiny, dull, or metallic. Ready-to-use ribbons in the form of bows or other pre-made decorative accents are available. Wholesale ribbon can also be purchased to create bows for gifts or to be used as an accent on floral arrangements, gift baskets, or decorative wreaths.

Wired ribbon is made specifically to hold its shape. Bows created from wholesale wired ribbon can be easily formed and styled into creative shapes, visually enhancing a craft project. Wired ribbon can be made with solid material such as satin, or with sheer material such as organza. Wide wired wholesale ribbon is available in solid, print, or holiday season patterns and is easily used in home décor projects.


Heavier wholesale ribbons made with fabric include jacquard, grosgrain, and velvet. Some types of ribbon, like velvet, have a flat finish on one side while the primary side is made with soft, plush fabric. Lightweight ribbons that may or may not be wired include organza, taffeta, and chiffon. These types of ribbons are used to add a decorative or elegant touch to a gift or craft project.

Jacquard ribbons usually have an embroidered look. Grosgrain ribbon also has a heavy weave construction. It is available in a variety of colors and patterns, and can be trimmed with a beaded or crocheted edge. Both ribbons consist of a heavier weave and come with a wired edge for easy arranging.


Ribbon also comes in many widths to accommodate many different types of craft projects. Ribbons range from 0.25 inch (0.635 cm) to 2.5 inches (6.35 cm) in width. Rolls of decorative wholesale ribbon range in length on average between 10 yards (9.14 m) to 25 yards (22.86 m) with over 120 shades to choose from. .

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