What are the common fabrics for luggage and luggage?

- Jun 12, 2017 -

Luggage and luggage is one of the most commonly used bags in our daily life, which is derived from its large-capacity, on the other hand, it is benefit from its convenience. In general, the more popular luggage box in addition to the style of many, its production of fabrics is also a variety of, that luggage box commonly used fabrics?
Make suitcase commonly used fabrics, have nylon, cordura® fabric and polyester these three kinds. Nylon is a kind of compound which is made into fiber fabric. The suitcase, made of nylon, is durable, strong and not easy to be bad. But nylon luggage box stiffness, flatness is not as good as polyester fabric bags, and wear resistance, and more afraid of fire.
Compared to the nylon, the common fabric of the luggage box is cordura® dupont fabric, this fabric has a lightweight, fast dry, soft, durable and other functions, and wear resistance, tear resistance is very strong, but waterproof performance generally. And polyester is a chemical fiber fabric, with strong strength and resilient recovery, and fastness durable, waterproof wear-resistant, therefore, polyester fabric is the choice of making luggage box.

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