The harm of plastic bags

- Sep 21, 2017 -

Plastic bags are mainly 5 aspects  of the harm of plastic bags mainly in the following aspects:
1, destruction of immunity. Some plastic  bags and paper boxes will add some brighteners, phosphor, in addition to their  potential carcinogenicity, but also damage the body's immunity.
2, causing blood system diseases. Non-food  plastic bags containing polyvinyl chloride, after high temperature heating, it  is easy to produce dioxins and other harmful substances, causing liver and  kidney and the central nervous system, blood system diseases.
3, carcinogenic. Food with  plastic bags are mostly polyethylene, as long as the temperature below 110  degrees Celsius is not easy to break down, so the temperature does not exceed  100 degrees Celsius of water food, the general no problem. But the fritters and other fresh  frying pan, the temperature is far more than the food bag tolerance temperature,  may lead to the production of harmful substances. Light may be dizzy, disgusting, while there  is carcinogen may be.
4, leading to  gallbladder, kidney stones. Unqualified  plastic bags contain more industrial calcium carbonate and paraffin.  Calcium carbonate can  cause constipation or gallbladder, kidney stones; paraffin will make people  diarrhea.
5, the impact of intelligence.  If the plastic bag in the heavy  metal, will have an impact on the blood system and mental  development.

The world's plastic annual output of 100 million  tons, if the annual 15% of the plastic waste calculation, the world's annual  plastic waste is 15 million tons, China's annual plastic waste in more than 100  million tons, waste plastics in the garbage The proportion accounted for 40%, so that a large  number of waste plastics as rubbish buried in the ground, no doubt to the lack  of cultivated land to bring greater pressure.
At present, many countries are taking incineration  (thermal energy regeneration) or re-manufacturing (product regeneration)  approach to deal with waste plastics. These two ways to make waste plastic recycling, to  achieve the purpose of saving resources. But because of waste plastics in the incineration or  re-processing will produce harmful gases, pollution of the environment, it can  be said that the disposal of waste plastics is still a headache in environmental  protection work a big problem.

The harm of plastic  bags to the environment
Plastic bags  do bring convenience to people's lives, but this time the convenience has  brought long-term harm.
Plastic bags  recycling value is low, in the use of the process in addition to scattered in  the city streets, tourist areas, water bodies, roads and railways on both sides  of the "visual pollution", it is also a potential hazard. Plastic structure is stable, difficult to be natural  microbial degradation, in the natural environment for a long time without  separation. This means that waste  plastic waste, if not recycled, will become a permanent pollutant in the  environment and continue to accumulate, will cause great harm to the environment

1, affecting  agricultural development. Waste plastic  products mixed in the soil continue to accumulate, will affect the crop to  absorb nutrients and water, resulting in crop production.
2, the threat to animal survival. Abandoning waste plastic products on land or in  water, being swallowed by animals as food, causing animals to die. Last year, Qinghai Lake has 20 herdsmen a total of  nearly a thousand sheep so death, economic losses of about 30 million.  Sheep like to eat plastic bags wrapped in oily  residue, but often even eat together with plastic bags, and because of the  plastic for a long time to stay in the stomach is difficult to digest, the  sheep's stomach was packed, no longer eat Things, and finally can only be starved to  death. Such things in the zoo, pastoral  areas, rural areas, the ocean is not uncommon.
3, waste plastics with landfill will not only take up  a lot of land, and the occupied land for a long time without recovery, affecting  the sustainable use of land. Into the  garbage of waste plastic products if it is landfill, 200 years of time without  degradation.

Moreover, the plastic bags to oil as raw material, not only consume a lot of resources, can not be broken down, buried in the ground will pollute the land, rivers.

In addition, the plastic bag itself will release harmful gases. Especially cooked food, wrapped in plastic bags, often degenerate. The impact of the deterioration of food on the healthy development of children is particularly prominent.

It is huge energy consumption, it is estimated that China's production of 1 ton of plastic bags need to consume 3 tons of oil, and China's annual consumption of plastic bags at least 3 million ordinary cars for 5 years. Change this situation, out of the trend of ultra-thin plastic bags, the country and the people

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