Some Commonly Used Different Types Of Bags

- Aug 09, 2017 -

Handbag(Purse )-  is a handled medium-to-large bag that is often fashionably designed, typically used by women, and used to hold personal items such as wallet/coins, keys, gloves, cosmetics, a hairbrush, mobile phone or personal digital assistant, feminine hygiene products, etc.

Drawstring bag - a bag of gatherable closure with drawstring.

Hobo bag - its handle and bag body form a round shape.

Satchel bag - a transverse and quadrate bag.a soft-sided case usually of leather, used to carry papers or books; usually has a handle and often has a strap.

Clutch bag - a small, yet long (rectangular), evening bag without a handle.

Duffle bag - a large bag usually used for travel or sports.

Tote bag - a medium to large bag with two straps.

Messenger bag - a bag with a long strap to be worn across the body.

Shoulder bag - a bag that is carried on the shoulder. Compared with Satchel, a shoulder bag has longer shoulder straps. What’s more, it can be north/south. 

Sling bag - a bag with a long strap (similar to a messenger bag), yet smaller.

Weekender bag - a Weekender bag is just a life style. It has no special pattern, as long as can contain clothes for travelling and some storybook to kill the time.

Laptop bag - a medium to large bag that contains a padded interior compartment or sleeve for protecting a laptop computer.

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