Select the trolley case

- Oct 16, 2017 -

Currently there are many types of trolley on the market, but for the trolley box to buy and use knowledge to have a perfect understanding of the people not much, the following detailed for everyone to explain:
Selection of Trolley Case:
1, according to the specific circumstances to determine the size of the trolley to be purchased, if you are going to take the plane, then carry the box must not be greater than 21 inches, otherwise it can not carry, it must be handled Check-in procedures.

2, according to determine the size of the specifications to choose, one is to check whether the surface of the box is smooth, no scars; Second, check the edges and corners of the box is not smooth, if there is aluminum alloy angle, but also check the package was strong.

3, took the box took a few steps to see if the bottom wheel is flexible, strong steering ability is not strong, the wheels are very important, it should choose a multi-row wheel and rubber wheel, due to rude on the plane, it is easy to make the wheels by damage.

4, press the button, pull out the rod to see if the retractable, functional intact; if it is hard box, then put the box flat, put a heavy load on the shell, you can stand on the box to try, Qualified, then it is absolutely no problem.

5, the most important thing is to check the performance of the lock, the password lock, you can arbitrarily adjust a password to try, but pay attention to is the official password, we must choose to facilitate their memory is not easy to forget the three digits , Like birth date, phone number and so on.

Trolley Case Precautions:
1. The storage of the trolley. Trolley box is best to stand upright, do not press the above things. If you put things in the above, likely to cause deformation of the box, damage to the trunk. When the trunk is not used, it is best to wrap it with plastic paper to prevent dust from falling, and do not put it in a damp place. Keep away from high temperature to prevent heat distortion.
2. Tighten the trolley case that you do not use for a long time. But in the cleaning time according to the luggage of the material to choose the right cleaning agent, or easy to damage the fabric, more harm than good. Generally can wipe the water with a cloth dampened with water. Do not use bleach or bleach ingredients containing detergent, after cleaning to naturally dry, do not ironing do not blow out the fan.

3. Trolley box to keep its wheels smooth, the collection must be filled in the axle lubricants, to prevent rust, the rod should also pay attention to maintenance.
4. Besides in the use of attention to the problem. When you go out to the trolley to put things, it is best not to overweight, so easy to increase the load on the rod and the bottom of the wheel force, short life.
5. As far as possible to choose the road to go flat, bumpy road is particularly vulnerable to damage the bottom of the box and the wheel, and the rod force is uneven, but also easy to damage. When dragging the luggage, pulling the pull rod is slightly outward force, this will be more smooth.

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