Plastic bag printing process and plastic bag production method Detailed

- Sep 28, 2017 -

The formation of plastic film made of plastic bags
As we all know, plastic bags are made of plastic film, then how is the formation of plastic film it? This is the first step in making plastic bags: blow molding. Blow molding is the procurement of raw materials through the blow molding machine plastic particles blown into plastic film.
Plastic bag printing process
Plastic bags are printed on the premise that the plastic film and the version of the board in place. The first step on the blow molding, the formation of orders specifications of the film, it is necessary to start printing. According to the required printing pattern first plate, the general plate and blow molding is synchronized, that is, after the completion of blow molding, version should also be made, usually plate-making takes about 4 days.

Plastic bags are printed in single or double sides and in color. Such as supermarket shopping bags, generally single or double one or two colors the most common, a color corresponds to a version, but not the same double-sided color can be common, this is not enough, for example, the two sides have to produce two colors 4 pieces. Plastic bag printing is generally gravure, the use of more for the copper, but also offset version.

The printing unit is well-made and rolls, and the ink can be printed.

According to the different types of plastic bags, printed plastic film bag is not the same way. There is a need to fold, the need for composite, need to cut, need to punch, the need to weld the hand.

But to this step, is already the final part of the production of plastic bags, and basically can be formed.

Here to say that the plastic bag production processes are independent of the separation, and can not guarantee that the timely convergence, so a plastic bag production cycle are about 10 days.

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