laptop sleeve

- Oct 16, 2017 -

At present, the market laptop sleeve brand wide variety, style novel, dazzling, overwhelmed.

Neoprene, waterproof shock anti-scratch, is the most popular is the most widely used materials.

At present, the laptop sleeve size is as follows:

a. 7-8.9 inch, 24 * 18 cm;

b. 10.2 inch, 27 * 19 cm;

c. 11.1-12.1 inch, 30 * 24 centimeters;

d. 13.3 inch, 32 * 25 cm;

e. 14.1 inches, 35 * 27 centimeters;

f. 15.4 inches, 37 * 28 centimeters;

g. 16.4 inch, 38 * 30 cm;

h. 17 inch, 40 * 32 cm.

In front of the notebook is the conventional size, followed by the size of the laptop sleeve, we can according to their own notebook size to buy the appropriate laptop sleeve. It should be noted that the laptop sleeve is flexible, in general, the error within 1cm, are can be put. 

laptop sleeve  type:

Currently on the market types  of liner bag are:

1. zipper  liner

2. double-sided laptop sleeve /  lift laptop sleeve (you can turn over 2 can be used, the general color is  not the same on both sides can be used when the two packages);

3. Hand-held laptop sleeve (shape and non-woven  supermarket shopping bags similar to the zipper liner on the basis of two handle  with the tape, personal protection of the books at the same time both portable  features, and some tapes with the liner Bag body, some tapes can be removed.

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