How to do the first leather bag for daily maintenance?

- Jun 12, 2017 -

The leather surface of the head coat is clear in pores and textures, and has good natural characteristics. The first layer of cowhide as the best leather material, it is because of its high demand for material selection, so the price is relatively high, then in daily life how to maintain and take care of these spent a lot of money bought "household"? Here is a simple to share with you.

First, the top layer of leather products maintenance seven avoid:
Shan avoid inferior or unsuitable care products Shan avoid hard objects Shan avoid pressure, fold Shan avoid soaking, juice Shan avoid exposure and high temperature Shan avoid grease, butter Shan avoid long-term idle.

Second, the first layer of leather products maintenance daily
Shan recommended to periodically wipe off the surface of the head layer of cowhide products with soft cloth or soft flannel.
Shan special circumstances, such as stains extremely difficult to wipe, you can use a cloth dipped in a small amount of warm water or neutral cleaning liquid wipe, and in time with dry cloth or dry tissue wipe.
The most effective maintenance of Shan is regular (professional) maintenance.

If you accidentally wet the embossed leather wallet, the correct treatment should be to first use dry cloth to suck the moisture on the bag, and then put it in the shade to dry naturally. Do not put the wet bag directly under the sun exposure or with the wind blowing, also can not be placed beside the air conditioner blowing, otherwise there will be a phenomenon of skin burst.

If you find that there is a stain on leather wallet, do not use the chemical products such as green to wipe their own. Different leather products have completely different treatment methods, their own treatment is easy to damage the purse, it is best to get professional leather goods maintenance agencies to clean or repair. Moreover, the natural oil of the leather itself will decrease with the longer time or the use times too much, so even the very advanced leather goods need to be maintained regularly.

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