How to choose backpack?

- Oct 30, 2017 -

1. Have a certain understanding of the amount of exercise.

In daily life, some friends will like the weekend to take a short-distance movement, or to the suburbs climbing, or to the jungle camping, if this time to choose too large and too heavy backpack, then easy to affect the overall speed , And second to the individual's mood and image will have an impact. It is recommended to buy a backpack before the trip to have a certain degree of planning and understanding, if the time is longer, then you can choose the heavy section of static package, if the time is relatively short, then you can choose the light backpack.

2. should be based on their own body to choose the appropriate capacity.

Different sizes can withstand the natural gravity is also different. If you are relatively thin, but choose a big backpack than you, then, let alone go out, and even the most basic walk will be a problem. Therefore, we recommend that you choose the backpack, should be their own body capacity and so on are taken into account, remember not because too much attention to the capacity and increase their burden for themselves.

3. Should pay attention to the material of the backpack problem.

As the saying goes: "a sub-price goods." For the backpack is also true, the price is not necessarily good quality, good quality of the general price will be higher, whether the choice of which type, or need their own economy Condition to choose. It is recommended that you should pay more attention when buying the material is wearable, whether waterproof, whether the anti-tear, so as not to have an impact on future travel.

4. Should pay attention to the quality of accessories.

Good accessories are an important part of the quality of the backpack. If the zipper is particularly awkward, the waist buckle is particularly loose, not only will affect the overall image of the backpack, more likely to travel in the fall off the situation. So we recommend that you should pay more attention when buying the backpack accessories, such as the ribbon is not good? Zipper is not metal? Whether with a plastic plate.

5. should be based on their own body to choose the appropriate size.

Each backpack has its own specific size, although some backpack can be self-regulation, but for those who are more deviation from the standard of the friends is not much use. So it is recommended that you buy the shoulder should be based on the distance to the waist to choose the appropriate size of the system, as long as the backpack naturally attached to the back can be.

6. Should pay attention to whether the backpack is more intimate design.

Some good backpack will have some people can give people a convenient intimate design. Such as large net pocket, you can put folding umbrellas, jackets, hats, scarves and other items; water bag network: you can place cups, beverages, coffee, etc., to facilitate timely replenishment of water; built-in pocket: you can place passports, wallets, ID cards Important documents to avoid loss. It is recommended that you can pay attention to the purchase to see if it has the above design.

7. The items to be carried should be sorted out

Choose a good backpack, the next thing to do is to sort out the items. Whether it is short-distance or long-distance travel, the following items are essential. Such as wear-resistant anti-skid waterproof and breathable hiking shoes; professional mountaineering suits or more wearable long trousers; used to wash underwear underwear socks; relatively thick rubber gloves and hat sunglasses; knee and ankle; Sun protection supplies; placed proof of the moisture-proof bags; flashlights, raincoats, knives and some commonly used drugs, such as Huoxiangzhengqi water, cold and so on.

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