How should the leather bag be maintained? No, you will regret it.

- Dec 06, 2018 -

How should the leather bag be maintained? No, you will regret it.

Bags for women are things that can not be left. Many women's homes are full of bags, love of bags, women know themselves. But it is a very annoying thing to buy a bag, especially a leather bag, and not know how to maintain it. So many friends will ask about how to clean the leather bag. Let's share with you how to maintain the leather bag. What about daily care and cleaning?

1. Glazing and waxing are only part of routine maintenance. Be careful not to expose to sunlight, fire, extrusion, or contact with sharp tools to prevent surface deformation, discoloration, or abrasion.

2. Nursing oil should not be beaten regularly, just once a month, because it is a chemical product, it also has certain, more or less certain (side effects). It has both maintenance and corrosion effects. In addition, shoe polish should not be used casually.

3. Try not to let strong light directly irradiate, otherwise the leather will become drier and drier, elasticity and softness will gradually disappear; once the bag sticks to juice or grease, first wipe the surface with a clean cloth, let the remaining grease slowly infiltrate into the leather, do not use water to wash the grease stain.

4. Rubbing skin should avoid wet water. It should be cleaned and nursed with raw rubber rubbing and special articles.

5. If you get wet accidentally, you can use a dry towel to absorb the water first, and then stuff some newspapers, magazines and other things into it to dry in the shade. Don't expose it directly in the sun, it will make your beloved bag fade and deform.

6. If the leather is worn out, it can be coated with non-greasy colorless leather maintenance cream. After penetrating slowly, it can be polished with a clean and soft cloth, which can make the leather shiny again and prevent the leather from drying.

Then how to clean the leather bag: dip it in mild soap or liquor with a clean sponge, wipe the dirt with alcohol, then wipe it with clean water, and let the leather dry naturally. If there is dirt, try to use some leather solution and Brilliant Pearl to maintain it. When using maintenance solution to care for leather, we should also pay attention not to use too often to prevent a certain degree of damage to leather.

If stains are accidentally stained on the bag, it is better to wipe off the dirt with soap and alcohol, and then clean it with clean water, so that the leather can be air-dried naturally. If the stain is stubborn, it may be treated with a detergent solution, but it must be carefully wiped to avoid damage to the leather surface.

How to clean the leather bag with butter or grease? Use a clean cloth to wipe off the grease on the surface and let the remaining grease stains slowly penetrate into the leather. Never wipe the grease stains with water. High temperature and sunshine: Leather products should not be exposed to sunlight or close to any heater, otherwise the leather will become drier and drier, and the elasticity and softness of the leather will gradually disappear.

Like shoes, leather bags are another type of active substance. It is easy to cause elastic fatigue of the cortex by using one bag every day. Therefore, like shoes, several bags can be used interactively to meet the needs of clothing matching and better maintain the bags.

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