How do backpackers choose a of their own outdoor packages?

- Jun 12, 2017 -

As one of the most common equipment in outdoor activities, a satisfied packages are more like intimate companions, suitable for their own, is the best. However, it is not so easy to find what suits you in a backpack that is big and small and different in shape.

Outdoor Bag Type:
Climbing class: Used for mountain and snow rock terrain climbing in middle and high altitude. The main features are rugged wear-resistant backpack waterproof, compact structure design, easy access to items, the installation of professional and solid and so on.
Hiking class: Is the most users of a category, for the Jungle Mountain, such as multiple terrain trek. The main features are strong wear-resistant backpack waterproof, backpack load-carrying capacity, saddled with a complete system, external binding points and so on. It is divided into a daily hiking backpack and a day hiking backpack.
Ice and snow Category: For ice and snow sports projects. The main features are rugged wear-resistant backpack waterproof, compact structure lightweight, simple to bear the structure, such as the strength of the plug, there are special skis and other ski accessories fixed settings.
Riding class: Used for road and cross-country bike riding. The main features of the backpack structure is compact, portable comfortable and convenient, such as external bondage, there is a helmet plug-in or built-in settings.

Outdoor Package Capacity:
The capacity may be that everyone in the choice of backpacks is the first consideration of the problem, the backpack is usually upgraded to measure the unit, there are 15 liters, 25 liters, 35 liters, 45 liters, 60 liters, the purchase of large packages according to their actual conditions, such as the use of travel, travel time.
30 liters below: small backpack, suitable for general suburban Shankiang;
30-55 liters: Multi-Purpose backpack, more used for rock climbing, retroactivity, rural Hill or weekend camping;
55-80 liters: Wide-use large backpack, more used for intermediate mountain, Mountain longitudinal walk;
More than 80 liters: Expedition-type large backpack, used for long days of alpine longitudinal, overseas expedition;

There are many kinds of backpacks, size and size of fabrics are not the same, want to find a good bag, the most important is also suitable for their own, on the basis of use, in the premise of weight-bearing, to the greatest possible choice to meet their needs of the package.

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