Digital Printing

- Sep 28, 2017 -

Digital printing is a computer printing directly on the paper, different from the traditional printing process of a new printing process. Its characteristics: one from India, no plate, legislation and other desirable, real-time error correction, variable printing, on-demand printing. Digital printing is based on the printing technology developed a comprehensive technology to electronic text as the carrier, through the network to the digital printing equipment, to achieve direct printing. Printing production process without the version and information variable is the biggest feature, covering printing, electronics, computers, networks, communications and other technical fields.

1. Digital printing is all-digital information transmission, eliminating the need for film and plate in the machine version.
2. Digital print information is 100% variable.
3. Digital printing is the use of digital printing system to convert digital information directly into the process of printing. Digital originals can be digital prepress systems that handle good digital files, as well as source networks, digital media.
4. Digital printing can be anytime, anywhere, remote print output, there is no time space constraints.
5. The value of digital printing comes from the services provided to customers, not the inherent costs of the manufacturer. According to the imaging mechanism, digital printing is divided into electrostatic imaging, inkjet imaging, electrocoagulation imaging, thermal transfer imaging, magnetic recording and imaging methods. The market to electrostatic imaging and inkjet imaging of digital printing machine for the mainstream.
Digital printing because of the traditional offset printing process, just by the computer to the press that is finished, so in the emergency printing, variable printing, on-demand printing, is the traditional printing can not be achieved. Therefore, the digital printing industry to meet the ever-changing commercial printing fast demand, the development speed is quite fast, the development of space is very large.

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