China 's luggage industry several major development status quo

- Oct 25, 2017 -

Since the reform and opening up, especially in the past 20 years, China's luggage industry embarked on the development of the fast lane. China's luggage industry, from scratch, from small to large, has made considerable development and progress.

At this stage, China's luggage industry, whether from the industrial scale, or the total production, or the total export volume, are ranked first in the world. China seems to have become a luggage production power. In fact, China is not only the global luggage manufacturing center, is also the world's largest consumer luggage market.

China's luggage industry, the earliest from foreign brands to do OEM start. Because China is relatively cheap labor costs, relatively low cost of land rent and so on factors, many foreign luggage enterprises to choose to China for processing production.

At that time, in our coastal areas of China, the luggage manufacturing industry has been booming, the famous processing, sample production, to pieces of assembly and compensation trade (referred to as "three to a") and Sino-foreign joint ventures, Chinese and foreign Cooperation, foreign sole proprietorship (referred to as "three") to become a coastal provinces and cities.

For example, in the Pearl River Delta region, luggage manufacturing enterprises from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions where businesses get orders to start large-scale production and processing; for example, Shandong Province in the Shandong Peninsula, thanks to South Korea, Japan adjacent to the geographical advantages, From South Korea and Japan where businesses get orders, and then organize production and processing, and so on.

China's luggage industry in the coastal areas of Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Shandong, Shanghai, Jiangsu, and inland Hebei, Hunan, eight provinces, the most prominent development of the luggage industry in China, the formation of the pattern of China's luggage industry today. As the world's largest luggage producer, the eight provinces produced by the luggage products accounted for more than 80% of the country's market share. In sharp contrast to this, the vast majority of the central and western regions of the development of luggage industry is seriously lagging behind.

This is what we usually say that the overall development of China's luggage industry is very uneven.

After years of rapid development, the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, in the eight luggage manufacturing industry developed provinces, and gradually formed a complete industrial chain, agglomeration effect is obvious, unique characteristics of the luggage industry base.

In Guangdong, because of the well-informed, relatively rich raw materials and accessories, industrial chain integrity and other factors of the combined effect, so the Guangdong luggage products show good quality, new models, high grade products, in China's luggage manufacturing leading position. At present, some well-known international and domestic brands, most of the choice in Guangdong processing production. Many well-known enterprises in Guangdong set up procurement centers, operations centers, marketing centers, etc., or set up branches, offices and so on.

Shiling Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, there are many luggage production of leather fabric bags, leather goods, such as raw materials, because of its large-scale market, the whole variety of the famous. In the local government's support and support, the region leather goods manufacturing industry has been rapid development, is the only southern China's "leather capital of China."

Yangtze River Delta region of the luggage industry followed, because the luggage industry is the region's traditional industries, relying on China's modern Shanghai metropolis in the information flow, logistics and trade, human resources and other advantages, the Yangtze River Delta region Industry has also been rapid development. The region is more prominent industrial base, "China's suitcase capital - Zhejiang Pinghu", "China's luggage city - Zhejiang Ruian", "China's luggage industry base - Zhejiang Dongyang" and Yiwu and other regions.

Shandong because of the geographical advantages of Japan and South Korea, the formation of a large number of export-oriented luggage manufacturing enterprises. Fujian Province, mainly engaged in the manufacture of luggage, sports bags, and its production and processing enterprises are mainly concentrated in Quanzhou. Hebei Baigou is one of the earlier production and sales of luggage leather products in China, and its luggage market is an important distribution center in the north and has a certain reputation in the whole country. The size of the enterprise is small, the product is mainly bag. In the local government's strong support, the local industry to upgrade faster, is currently the only northern China's "China's luggage capital."

In these luggage manufacturing developed provinces, luggage leather goods for the characteristics of the economic cluster has been formed, on the one hand it as a labor-intensive industries, a wide range of social employment, bringing social harmony and stability. On the other hand, led the development of related industries. The development of luggage and footwear industry has led to the development of various industries such as chemical industry, rubber, plastic, metal, machinery and equipment, professional market of footwear industry and so on.

In the wider central and western regions, the luggage industry is still relatively weak. They are not no chance at all. With the arrival of industrial upgrading trend, they are China's luggage production industry to provide a huge transfer of space.

Although our country has become the world's largest production base of luggage production, luggage industry market capacity is huge, while showing the trend of total expansion. But we are still in the primary stage of the development of luggage industry. We are "manufacturing power", but not "manufacturing power", "big country" to "power" between a long distance.

First, the product design ability is still relatively weak. Our country's luggage manufacturing OEM production started from OEM, therefore, the enterprise is not too much attention to design issues, the design is not enough attention. Later, some companies are often taken to imitate or even copy the strategy, innovation is not enough. Overall, China's luggage design level is still relatively low.

As we all know, and the apparel industry, footwear and other properties is the same, luggage industry product design capability is critical. It not only reflects the level of the core competitiveness of enterprises, but also the situation is the trend. With the continuous development of society, people's consumption has been escalating, the pursuit of luggage products, has gradually from the simple pursuit of functional demands, the use of value, and so the initial stage, and gradually rose to the product of beauty, fashion and quality Level up. Therefore, the design of luggage products becomes very critical.

Second, the products are mainly concentrated in the low-end, homogenization of serious. Because the history of the development of the luggage industry is relatively short, the enterprise's innovation ability, design ability and so on are not too strong, high value-added, high-tech products are still relatively small, mostly in the low-end products. Less innovation, imitation of the majority. Own brand less, large road goods and more. Most of the enterprise's awareness of intellectual property protection is still relatively weak. Business and business competition, mainly to stay in the quality, function, price and so low level, low level of competition.

Third, in the channel, the Chinese luggage business is also mainly to take the major circulation. International brands occupy a large department store and other high-end channels, the vast majority of China's luggage business sales or wholesale market, the main circulation, but occupied the low-end market.

Fourth, in the brand, the brand less, low concentration As the world's largest producer of luggage, China produced one-third of the world's luggage, with more than 20,000 luggage production enterprises, but can ring the luggage brand is not much. With 8 words to describe China's current luggage industry is: manufacturing power, brand small country.

Although the brand awareness of the luggage in recent years continue to increase, but the Chinese luggage industry is currently influential brands, but also the lack of true sense of the international brand of luggage, mainly through low-cost advantage in competition with international brands.

At the same time, the overall industry brand concentration is low. At present, in the domestic luggage market at the top of the pyramid, such as chanel, GUCCI, LV and the like top international brands, prices and profits are high. The middle is a small number of high-end brand, but the lack of brand personality and appeal, lack of segmentation, can not resonate with the depth of the consumer emotions, resulting in consumers can be perceived to a serious lack of brand awareness. Domestic brands are more concentrated in the low-end, their market share is very large but very low profit

At present, China's luggage products or mainly to the middle and low, sales profit of only about 3%. On the one hand, the demographic dividend in the inflection point of Lewis gradually disappear, in the labor shortage, rising raw material prices, the appreciation of the renminbi and the EU anti-dumping and other factors, especially the financial tsunami struck, China's luggage industry development situation more and more severe , The number of development of high growth model is not sustainable.

In this situation, China's luggage business should increase the "smile curve" of the two high value-added plate - product development and channel construction investment. Enterprises must focus on improving the ability of independent innovation, cultivate their own intellectual property rights and independent brands. At the same time, the channel transformation, upgrading, expansion. Optimize the channel model, the channel to upgrade or transformation, from low-level channels to a higher level channel change. Change the single large circulation channel model, take a variety of channel mode and development strategy.

In short, China's luggage business, only in the new materials, new technology applications and product design, channels, brand building and other areas to seek a breakthrough in order to adapt to new market demand.

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