Bags fabric identification of the five points

- Oct 08, 2017 -

There are many kinds of luggage fabrics: leather, nylon, canvas, polyester, PVC, EVA wait, then, how do we identify the quality of luggage? These fabrics in the identification of different demeanor, of course, there are some similar places. Below, Lin Tai luggage manufacturers to share the five elements of the identification of luggage fabrics.
1, fabric gloss
Good luggage fabric in the light of the irradiation there will be a different from the shiny soft light, different fabric gloss are different, nylon fabric density is relatively thick, so the gloss compared to other fabric fabric to light; The material itself is reflective, so the gloss will be higher.

2, fabric texture
Good fabric feel are very delicate, feels very warm and comfortable does not wear a hand; hanging time will use the natural drape. Nylon / polyester fabric lines clear, the greater the density of the lines are also obvious, small fabric nylon also has the role of anti-tear.
3, fabric weight and taste
Good fabric weight is generally lighter. Cloth fabric (nylon, polyester, canvas) light and soft, easy to sew cutting, easy to carry. But the leather material seems to be heavier and more real, the general test is to see the skin there is no taste, good leather is no taste.
4, fabric elasticity
Good fabric itself has a very good flexibility and reductive, hand rub together can be reduced to flat, no wrinkles. This test is most suitable for use on the leather, the elastic is the leather friends.
5. Fabric values
Can refer to the wool fiber diameter micron number, the smaller the value the better. Kiton fabric starting from 14 microns, the top fabric can reach 11 points a few microns.

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