Analysis on the Market Prospect of Bags Industry

- Oct 09, 2017 -

Now the bag industry is not only the ladies with more bags, suitable for men's style is also a lot. People need a luxurious and elegant texture of the bag to set off their own elegant dress. Bag market from the scope of Ms. extended to the field of men, its development prospects are very broad. Here I come to the specific analysis of the bag industry market prospects.
Current Situation and Prospect of China 's Plastic Packaging Bag Industry.

From the 1850s Parks accidentally get the "Parkson" to today's environmentally friendly plastic bags, all kinds of flexible packaging, plastic bags development has gone through 100 years of history, it is also for the development of the times constantly changing their own The role of the original is just to facilitate people's lives to the present flexible packaging for people's lives to bring a variety of visual senses.Therefore, there have been people called plastic bags for the four inventions after the fifth largest invention ...
The arrival of the 21st century, people living standards continue to improve, but the Antarctic glacier reduction and the natural environment around the ring so that people rely on their own homes began to have an unprecedented attention.Packs of plastic bags has become an important environmental killer. To this end, there are many businesses began to give up the industry, most people think that this is a disaster industry.

This is an industry disaster, but we also have to admit that there are many companies in this disaster to regain new life, environmental protection plastic bags were born, and soon became the new favorite people. The following simple to tell you about the domestic plastic bags Industry a simple trend.
In 2002 the emergence of a number of new products and new technologies, including high permeability, multi-functional plastic wrap, aseptic packaging film development faster, the original composite film is to a deeper level of development, bagging, printing technology A new step, become into the "color revolution" era.
The development of multi-layer co-extrusion technology, changing the functional film and container product structure, to meet the market demand With the development of market economy, daily necessities packaging, cosmetic packaging, food packaging, household appliances packaging have put forward higher requirements.

Fresh fruits and vegetables packaging film market prospects, in China's vegetable production and sales of about 30% of the fruit in the storage, transportation, sales process loss. One of the reasons for improper packaging is the cause of fruit rot loss. At present, polyethylene film and polypropylene film is the most widely used fresh fruit and vegetable packaging materials. Different fruits and vegetables on the requirements of fresh bags, choose what kind of film bags mainly consider the following factors: to adapt to the gas permeability, to maintain the appropriate O2 and CO2 concentration. Add ethylene gas absorbent. The release of the fruit of the ethylene adsorption, and can slow down the fruit respiration, so that fresh fruit.
Since the awareness of environmental protection, bag industry will be developed. This emerging industry in the market prospects can be described as unique development potential, joined the investment bag project is able to make money. However, Xiaobian remind investors not to invest urgently, first do a series of investigations. The bag has more clothes to understand some of the bags to make your business smoothly, Xiao Bian that into the bag industry is the most important thing to understand some of the basic knowledge of bags.

Knowledge of bag fabric
Cloth and lining: used for bags outside and inside the material. Surface: the fabric can not have the yarn, the yarn stripes should be clear and uniform color uniformity, the number of transverse lines of yarn to be enough thickness of the yarn to be straight (available measuring instrument test); rubber: At the end of the end of the plastic will not be white (after the hand will not be white, to maintain the original rubber background); force: the direction of the parallel to the car with a good pull after the pull will not crack. The color of the material at the same time to pay attention to whether there is a solid color, especially for the color of the color is more likely to produce staining, color is not good to the finished product found all late! Foam and sponge: used for bags and cloth between the cloth , Do a good bag is not see. Mainly to see the thick bottom and the density is enough (a square whether there is enough weight). Good cotton is flexible, not easy to open.

Net material: to be flexible, good force, not easy to pull off, there is no broken yarn phenomenon.
Ribbon: many types of ribbon, such as plain, fine lines, pit pattern, etc., but each of the different specifications of the ribbon have a standard weight. Outside to see whether the two edges are smooth, the surface is uniform, no lint, no yarn, no dyeing and so on.
Zipper: chain cloth and pull the head quality to the main level to distinguish: such as A, B, C level, the more forward the better quality level. Specifications to distinguish between size: such as 3, 5, 8, 10 and other size, the greater the number the greater the size of the larger. And each type of zipper has a standard weight, weight is the key to quality. Outside the main note: pull to be smooth, there will be no pull the feeling of smooth, pull the sound is not very loud, can be pulled out of the standard tooth is not easy to open, and pull the head in addition to large, small bottom of the Points, pull between the pull and pull the film is not easy to pull, pull the film to be strong, not easy to open, deformation and other phenomena, the color of the zipper at the same time to pay attention to whether the level of color reinforcement. So easy to produce stains with the fabric phenomenon will be serious consequences.
Regardless of which industry's plastic bags are in order to survive and continue to innovate in China, the need for plastic bags is very large, deep into all walks of life we live.Therefore, businesses, in the competition to seek new Out of the way

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