About the package fabric, you know?

- Jun 12, 2017-

Bag is what every woman must buy, every a packages because of the different design of the fabric is not the same, today, the package of fabrics can be a variety of, what kind of have, we often see in the market cattle purses, patent leather bags, matte bags, oxford cloth, nylon cloth bags, artificial leather bags ... And so on. How does the bag differentiate on the fabric?

Here's a brief introduction to three common package fabrics.

1. PU Leather
In the purchase of bags or other leather goods, often see in the product details of the material is PU leather, then what is PU leather?
It is English Ploy urethane abbreviation, the chemical Chinese name "polyurethane". When polyurethane is added to a superfine fiber called PU leather, its toughness, permeability and wear resistance will be further strengthened, with this skin produced by the finished product performance is undoubtedly quite excellent. In foreign countries, due to the restrictions of the Animal Protection Association, people have to increase the study of polyurethane synthetic leather, resulting in a great improvement in the technology and performance of polyurethane synthetic leather, both in terms of performance and application, polyurethane synthetic leather has gone beyond the natural leather.

2. Patent leather
Patent leather is a kind of technology which is sprayed on material such as leather or PU skin, which makes the original leather or pu skin surface very smooth and has a strong visual impact effect. At present, the application of patent leather is very extensive, such as bags, apparel, footwear industry and so on. Patent leather color bright, but also waterproof, moisture-proof, not easy to deformation and easy to clean characteristics, making patent leather is very popular with consumers. Because the process of patent paint is more complex, and the accuracy of the requirements are relatively high, therefore, the price of patent leather products slightly higher.

3. Leather
The so-called dermis, is the real animal fur, such as cowhide, Pigskin, horse, and so on, now the market most of the leather bags are cowhide bag, because the toughness of the leather, strong fabric, because the material from the leather bag is real material from the animal, so the price is more expensive, but the style is relatively simple.

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