PVC Washing Bag Cosmetic Bag

PVC Washing Bag Cosmetic Bag

When you travel on business, this bag is what you need most. PVC is soft, inclusive and easy to use. You can put in three bottles of 750 mL shampoo and shower lotion and conditioner, as well as some cosmetics such as thick towels and soap.

Product Details

PVC Washing Bag Cosmetic Bag

Product Description

Number: PVC plastics

Transparent Washing Bag

Colour classification: purple green, blue, transparent black, coffee, dark grey, pink, chestnut, dark brow

Thin transparent letter handbag

Commodity Type: Personal Washing/Cleaning/Nursing

Material: Plastics

Origin: Mainland China

Washing kit: not included

Type of gargle kit: single piece

Size: 20*15*29cm

Serial number: GW-HO-108351

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