PVC Men's Washing Bag

PVC Men's Washing Bag

Accept customized cosmetic bag, the material is PVC, multi-color, cheap. You can put in a towel, three bottles of 400 ml shampoo, conditioner and bath lotion, and towels. Toothpaste soap and other products.

Product Details

PVC Men's Washing Bag

Product  Description

Product Description

Number: PVC plastics

Transparent Washing Bag

Colour classification: purple green, blue, transparent black, coffee, dark grey, pink, chestnut, dark brown

Thin transparent letter handbag

Commodity Type: Personal Washing/Cleaning/Nursing

Material: Plastics

Origin: Mainland China

Washing kit: not included

Type of gargle kit: single piece

Size: 20*15*29cm

Serial number: GW-HO-108353

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